Zerblaze is a Destiny Guardian: a Support of Fire.

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  • Zerblaze is based on Cerberus from Greek mythology, a giant three-headed dog guarding the gates of Hell. Another influence in Zerblaze's design is the proverb "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil". Each of the three heads represents one of the three monkeys in the proverb. The middle head with no eyes is "see no evil", the left head with no ears is "hear no evil", and the right head with no mouth is "speak no evil". This was done not only for originality's sake, but to emphasize that, despite the negative or evil connotations of Cerberus in modern media, all Destiny Guardians do not individually possess good or bad moral compasses.
  • Zerblaze's name is a combination of "Cerberus", the guard dog of Hell, and "blaze".
  • Zerblaze was originally going to be a Mage-class, but was changed to a Support-class.