Yuetuna is a Destiny Guardian: a Support of Night. Her mistress is Reena Lund.

Description Edit

Yuetuna is a small black rabbit, with light purple eyes, gold markings on her paws & ears, and jade green markings under her eyes and on the insides of her ears. Her accessory is a green bowl hat with a small purple gem in the center and a moon-shaped gem on top.

Yuetuna is a very curious Destiny Guardian, wanting to learn more about her master and the world she was brought into. She is very trusting of her master and eager to please them.

Trivia Edit

  • Yuetuna is based on the Moon Rabbit from Chinese and other East Asian mythologies. The light green and gold markings are from two of its names: the Jade Rabbit and the Gold Rabbit. Her hat is a mortar bowl, based on the mortar and pestle the Moon Rabbit uses to either make the Elixir of Life or rice cakes.
  • Yuetuna's name comes from "yuètù", the Chinese name for the Moon Rabbit, and "luna", Spanish for "moon".
  • Yuetuna used to not be Reena's Destiny Guardian. Her original Guardian was Noctoko, based on the owl constellation Noctua. North described Noctoko as "a pterodactyl-sized bird covered in purple feathers, with green eyes, and very sharp talons. She was able to help heal injuries, but she also fought". She ended up not pterodactyl-sized and downsized to a small owl. But then Noctoko was scrapped because of there being too many birds in the Destiny Guardian roster and they wanted to add the Moon Rabbit as a Night elemental.