Skylar Jarvis is one of the protagonists in The Dark Side: War on Destiny. His Destiny Guardian is Wanyuu.

Description Edit

Skylar is a young man who grew up in Luceria as the son of its leader. In being the heir to the country, he grew up in isolation from the outside world, even in his own country to an extent, learning from biased and propagandist teachers. This warped worldview seemed normal to him and shaped his personality to be uncaring, stubborn, and distant. Soon enough he realized some things weren't as they seemed, and after trying to challenge his father he ran away to the neighboring country to find a way to stop him. The differences in Graveria are vast, and he finds it difficult to understand and adjust, but since he has some idea that Luceria isn't morally sound, he slowly acknowledges and accepts their morals and becomes a more understanding and trusting person.

Relationships Edit

  • Kyle Andersen: From the moment the two met, Kyle and Skylar never got along. They would often fight and argue, but as Skylar learned more about life outside of Luceria, the two became closer and more friendly to each other. Skylar wouldn't admit it, but Kyle's partnership means a lot to him over the course of time.
  • Reena Lund: Skylar finds Reena rather annoying, with her abundant optimism and energy clashing with his personality.
  • Emily Xie: She seems like an arrogant know-it-all to Skylar - very brash and bold. Their opposing stubbornness often makes them irritable towards each other.
  • Victor Jarvis: Skylar's father. He was always dismissive towards him, despite being his only child. Any time Skylar would approach him, he would be ignored or chastised for speaking out of line. This quickly grew into resentment as everything Skylar did was never enough for Victor, and he grew older and actually capable of discussing matters with his father, the more twisted he revealed himself to be.

Trivia Edit

  • North initially described him as a boy with "white hair and blue eyes. He wore a black scarf with a red tee, a white hoodie, and blue jeans. He was a loner. Sure, he would walk with the others, but he hardly spoke and he hated hanging out with them".
  • Skylar is also North's favorite character of all four main protagonists.
  • Skylar is the oldest of the main teen cast, turning 18 years old.
  • Skylar's voiceclaim was torn between Max Mittelman and Lucien Dodge for a long period of time. However, the character Andrew Hanbridge from "Little Witch Academia" immediately sounded perfect for Skylar, so Lucien Dodge was ultimately chosen.
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