Shinelon is a Destiny Guardian: a Mage of Light.

Description Edit

idk they're a dragon

Trivia Edit

  • Shinelon is based on the mythos of Chinese dragons. While most descriptions of these dragons talk about their water and wind-based abilities, they are known to have light-based abilities such as changing color to camouflage and glowing in the dark. Inspiration also comes from the Rainbow Serpent of multiple aboriginal mythologies, particularly Australian.
  • Shinelon's name is a combination of "Shénlóng", a Chinese dragon deity, and "shine".
  • While Shinelon started out as Emily's prospective Destiny Guardian, it was ultimately decided that they would belong to Victor Jarvis. Emily would have received them late into the story, just before or during the ascent of Jarvis Industries.
    • This change coincidentally ties to the origins of Chinese dragons. Legendary rulers of many Chinese dynasties were symbolized by dragons.
  • The jewels in their design are a reference to Chinese dragon mythos, where they hold a flaming pearl under their chin or in their claws. The pearl is associated with various powers including spiritual energy, immortality, and thunder.