Reena Lund is one of the protagonists in The Dark Side: War on Destiny. Her Destiny Guardian is Yuetuna.

Description Edit

Reena is a girl in her third year of high school. She's rather shy in social settings, but more energetic when around her friends or little children. She grew up in an orphanage at a young age, still aware of her parents and old enough to understand why they couldn't take care of her. She got along with the other orphan kids and continues to work there with them as she got older. She still visits her parents from time to time, spending time with her mother and helping to take care of her.

Relationships Edit

  • Kyle Andersen: The two of them have been friends since they were little, and over time Reena developed a little bit of a crush on him.
  • Skylar Jarvis: She wants to help Skylar open up more, but his stubbornness and attitude makes her a little upset with him.
  • Emily Xie: She and Emily consider themselves sisters and are the closest pair in the group, with Reena being the most open and honest with Emily than anyone else.
  • Her Mother: Reena's mother had become sickly due to the pollution in Graveria's air, and couldn't support Reena in her situation. She and her husband moved outside of the urban area and found land by a lake to build a log cabin on, away from the polluted air.
  • Her Father: His primary goal is to take care of Reena's mother, and he stays by her side as long as he can, with all the love in his heart.

Trivia Edit

  • North initially described her as a girl with "light purple hair. She wore a light blue tee and jean shorts. She was the quiet, shy type".
  • Reena was actually not given a name initially. North knew it started with an R, but couldn't remember the rest of it, so Raven came up with Reena.
  • Reena's Destiny Guardian used to be a small, purple owl named Noctoko, based on the owl constellation Noctua. But it was changed because there were too many birds in the Destiny Guardian roster, and they wanted to include a Moon Rabbit Guardian, so she now has Yuetuna.
  • Reena was actually supposed to be the one of the main four without a Destiny Guardian, but that changed due to a misunderstanding but also because it seemed to fit her better.
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