Nathan Shishiya is one of the deuteragonists in The Dark Side: War on Destiny. His Destiny Guardian is Nekmet.

Description Edit

he's japanese and hella gay

Relationships Edit

  • Kyle Andersen: While not the closest of friends, Nathan and Kyle are pretty friendly with each other and tend to talk during breaks at school.
  • Emily Xie: She's the reason anyone knows him because they're Asian solidarity.
  • Wade Campbell: The two of them met in high school and became boyfriends soon after.

Trivia Edit

  • Nathan was the first of the three new Darkside kids to be created.
  • His character was actually created from a random dream. Raven liked the design they saw in their dream so they drew him and decided to add him as a character in DSWD. The only difference from the dream was he had purple pants instead of red.
  • Nathan is heavily tied to lions. His surname Shishiya includes the word "shishi", which means "lion" in Japanese. His Destiny Guardian is Nekmet, who is a lioness. His birthday is August 15th, which makes him a Leo in Western astrology.
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