Moniqos is a Destiny Guardian: a Mage of Earth. His mistress is Fatima Almazan.

Description Edit

Moniqos is a golden unicorn with dark gold hair and eyes. He wear a ribbony headdress and armored saddle adorned with turquoise gems. He also wears a metallic necklace and a piece of armor at the base of his tail.

Moniqos is a serious Destiny Guardian who keeps close watch of his master. He is extremely loyal and will not question the righteousness of his master's requests.

Trivia Edit

  • Moniqos is based on the unicorn, otherwise known by its Greek name "monoceros". While not exhibiting earth-based powers outright, many of the creatures mistaken for unicorns were from desert or earthy environments. This is why Moniqos has sand-based abilities.
  • Moniqos' name is a condensation of "monoceros", the Greek name for the unicorn.
  • Moniqos was originally going to be a Support-class. The Mage was going to be an ancient Mesopotamian creature called Anzu, a griffn-like creature that could breathe fire and water. That creature was scrapped since it wasn't actually related to an earth element, and Moniqos shifted to the Mage-class, with the Support being Otsolk.
  • The beaded headpiece was based on actual turquoise horse garments worn in Iran.
  • Moniqos shares similarities to his mistress Fatima Almazan. Fatima is Iranian, and Moniqos was inspired by Iranian jewelry for his design.