Leo is a minor character in The Dark Side: War on Destiny. His Destiny Guardian is Kazaita.

Description Edit

Leo is a Lucerian soldier in the border protection squadron. The job takes a toll on him as Graverian resistance grows, and because he holds such high status he's allowed to have a drink and a smoke to decompress. He's lost faith in Luceria as he's forced to deal with those who attempt to rebel, and he's secretly planned on his own attempt at rebellion from within.

Relationships Edit

  • Skylar Jarvis: He once looked at the heir with contempt, but as Skylar became more wary of their country's ways, he allowed him to cross the border without resistance.
  • Musashi: His frequent partner in border patrol. She pokes fun at him, trying to make him liven up a little with the job they have, but it pushes his buttons more than anything.

Trivia Edit

  • Leo is the only character North created after her initial dream concepts. His name was a placeholder for a Lucerian soldier in a small scene in her notes, but his character gained significance as she and Raven continued writing the story.
  • Leo was originally going to be a one-off villain, but because of attachment to the character he gained anti-hero status after it was planned that he would help Skylar and the kids when they breached the Gate.
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