Kyle Andersen is the main protagonist of The Dark Side: War on Destiny. His Destiny Guardian is Guarudan.

Description Edit

Kyle is a young man in his last year of high school. Clinging to an aesthetic to seem cool to his peers, he dresses up like an anime protagonist, complete with goggles that serve no purpose but to look neat. He's an extroverted kid, likes to socialize with people and hang out with his close friends Reena and Emily.

Relationships Edit

  • Skylar Jarvis: Because of Skylar's Lucerian heritage, Kyle hated him as soon as he met him; Sky's cold and dismissive exterior didn't help either. However, over time, as Skylar opens up and learns more about how society and morals outside of Luceria work and Kyle learns more about him, he starts to care more for him and becomes more friendly to him. He wouldn't admit that, though; he prefers to call the two of them rivals.
  • Reena Lund: Kyle and Reena have grown up together for many years, becoming very close friends. They enjoy each other's company, and she's the one he confides in when he needs a hand.
  • Emily Xie: Kyle thinks of Emily like a big sister.
  • Laura Andersen: Kyle's mother. She treats him well and cares for him as if he were still a little boy.
  • Peter Andersen: Kyle's father. He doesn't spend much time with his son, but he tries to connect with him when he can.
  • Winona (Winnie) Andersen: Kyle's younger sister. She loves to play with him and tell him all about her life on the other side of the country.

Trivia Edit

  • North initially described him as a boy with "brown hair and green eyes. He wore an orange jacket with a red shirt and black jeans. He was hyper, loved talking and smiling. Y'know, normal protagonist stuff".
  • The motivation for his design was to make him the most "anime protagonist"-looking character imaginable. His hair and anime goggles were specifically inspired by Taichi Kamiya from the Digimon: Digital Monsters anime.
  • Kyle used to be a lot more of a typical anime protagonist, loud and wild. But after developing the story further, he became more subdued and upset due to how he felt about Luceria and the condition they left his country in.
  • Kyle's voiceclaim was torn between Max Mittelman and Lucien Dodge for a long period of time. The main sources of inspiration came from Mittelman's performance as Hikari Sakishima in "A Lull in the Sea" and Dodge's performance as Silver in the Pokémon Generations episode "The Legacy". However, as soon as another character was decided to have Lucien Dodge as his voice, Max Mittelman was ultimately settled upon for Kyle.
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