Kinari is a Destiny Guardian: a Mage of Night. Her mistress is Musashi.

Description Edit

Kinari is a white fox with mahogany markings on her face, ears, hair, belly, paws, and three tail tips. She wears a sheer red shawl draped over her body. She wears an armor necklace embedded with opalescent gems. Another gem is in her ponytail, and atop her head is a gold wire crown with a maple leaf ornament.

Kinari is a deceptive yet obedient Destiny Guardian, always planning the best and most creative way to fulfill her master's requests. She won't hesitate to do something devious.

Trivia Edit

  • Kinari is based on a Japanese yōkai called the kitsune, a fox spirit that uses illusions to seduce and fool humans.
  • Kinari's name is a combination of "kitsune", a fox spirit, and "Inari", a Shinto deity of foxes that many kitsune follow.
  • The jewels Kinari wears are representative of "hoshi no tama", literally meaning "star balls". These gems are filled with a spiritual light called kitsunebi, and are the source of a kitsune's power.
  • The maple leaf crown Kinari has is based on what a kitsune does in order to shapeshift into a human form. The kitsune must place a broad leaf, reeds, or a skull over its head to transform.