Guarudan is a Destiny Guardian: a Warrior of Fire. His master is Kyle Andersen.

Description Edit

Guarudan is a massive bipedal bird with sharp talons for hands and feet. Crimson feathers cover his entire body, and he has a mane of silky white feathers from the top of his head. He has five long tail feathers that each end in a flame-like poof. His face and beak are covered by a mask of gold that fuses them together, his emerald eyes peeking through. His large wings are also covered with a gold plate of armor with a spiked section with three emerald gems on the joint. He wears a flared-out, silver and gold-trimmed chestplate with the Fire element insignia in the center, a large, red ribbon belt, and a pair of cream-colored martial arts pants with a wrap across the top.

Guarudan is a calm but firm Destiny Guardian, with an authoritative voice that booms even at a normal volume. He is a righteous Guardian who will stand up for his master at any command, but he is cautious when it comes to reckless and impulsive ideas.

Trivia Edit

  • Guarudan is based on Garuda of Hindu mythology, a humanoid bird man, and the phoenix from multiple cultures. While Garuda has ties to the Sun, the phoenix actually has fire abilities, so the two were combined.
  • Guarudan's name is a combination of "Garuda" and "guardian" (pronounced ga-roo-daan).
  • Garuda is known as "enemy of snakes", and Guarudan and Wanyuu, Skylar's Destiny Guardian, happen to be rivals because of their masters' rivalry.
  • Guarudan's outfit is based on a Kalaripayattu uniform, an Indian martial art.
  • North initially described him as a "cool Winged Dragon of Ra from Yu-Gi-Oh/phoenix crossover. It looked like it was made of metal, but it just had scales that were gold and his wings had fire covering them when he was fighting. He could light his whole body ablaze if he wanted".
  • Garuda is sometimes described as having an emerald-colored body. The fact that Guarudan has emerald green eyes and magic gems is a complete coincidence.