Graveria, also known as The Dark Side, is half of a former country. It lies adjacent to Luceria, separated by a giant gate.

Description Edit

Graveria is home to Kyle, Reena, and Emily, among many others. The sky is darkened with smog, the houses are run down, and overall the country's populated areas are bleak. The people there work for hours yet continue to live in poverty as the Lucerians take their resources as well as their own. The neighboring country terrorizes over Graveria and treats the people there like dirt, but they continue to live their lives as best they can despite the circumstances.

Notable Locations Edit

  • Fallen Leaves: the capital city of Graveria
  • Synro: the main cast's hometown
  • Shining Sun High School: the main cast's school
  • Industrial District: located near the gate
  • The Gate: divides Graveria from Luceria, guarded by Lucerian soldiers

Trivia Edit

  • Graveria's name comes from the word "grave", as the country is desolate and the new home of the people who lost the war years ago.
  • Graver was also the last name of their first mayor.
  • The town name Synro was taken from the term "Sinner's Row".
  • The city of Fallen Leaves might have been named because of a song of the same name by Billy Talent.