Fatima Almazan is one of the deuteragonists in The Dark Side: War on Destiny. Her Destiny Guardian is Moniqos.

Description Edit

Fatima is a young lady who was raised in a Muslim family who had immigrated a few generations ago to the country Luceria and Graveria once was before the war began. Since the war, her family has been tormented by the Lucerians and her parents were separated from her when she was a child. She and her older sister have lived together, constantly wary of Lucerian interference. She wants to face them and stand up for herself and others of different faiths despite her fear, which is how she obtained her Destiny Guardian. Though she seeks retribution from Luceria's government, she wants to do it as peacefully as possible, and she constantly keeps a calm and level head.

Relationships Edit

  • Her Sister: She lives with her older sister.

Trivia Edit

  • Fatima was the second of the three new Darkside kids to be created.